malone's butchery is passionate about providing ethical, nutritional & quality produce to the community.




At Malones Butchery we are pride ourselves on providing personalised service according to your needs. Please tell us how we can prepare your produce. We can vacuum package for your trips away, roll, tie and stuff your roasts, prepare a cut to your recipe’s requirement, slice your steak thicker or thinner, or order in something special for you. We are always happy to
go the extra mile for you!


Todd Malone has been happily butchering for the last 12 years in Sydney. In 2001 he began his career at the locally renowned Italian A C butchery in Leichhardt, Sydney’s inner west. Here he honed his butchering skills, and discovered a love for small goods and quality produce.

Moving on to manage a store for Fresh foods in Broadway, he continued to grow his passion for providing the community with the best‐sourced meats.

Todd then went over to manage the CBD and Bondi stores for Craig Cooks Prime Quality Meats in David Jones. For the next few years Todd successfully managed the two stores whilst combining his natural interest for his customers well being, with a growing appreciation for grass fed, free range and organic produce.

In 2009 customers Dominic O’Neil and his wife Ali, who had a vision to open a onestop store for organic and whole foods, approached Todd with an offer to help establish and manage the store. Todd was enticed, sharing their interest in providing the community with ethical, grass fed, chemical free and locally sourced produce.

Already lovers of Port Douglas, the opportunity to open his own store in the most beautiful location in Australia was too strong to pass up. Malone’s family Butchery opens in February 2012, and Todd is very excited about providing the community with specialized quality produce, and outstanding customer service.



Matthew Malone has been butchering since he was fifteen years old in South Australia where he worked across the meat industry, including time as an A grade boner at Teys abattoir. Matthew traveled to Sydney in 2009 to work for Grub alongside Todd and contribute his butchering skills to the business. He has built lasting relationships with the customers of Sydney’s Eater suburbs, many of who have promised to come up and visit Malone’s Butchery when it is open!