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Angus Pure Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Product: Angus Pure Grass fed beef

Region: South Australia


About us

Angus Pure was developed as a response to the recognised consumer demand for a high quality pasture fed Angus beef product produced naturally; pasture fed, free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

The Angus Pure Natural brand represents Angus beef that has been raised naturally in the lush grazing regions of South Australia, from the Barossa to the Limestone Coast and beyond.

Angus Pure Natural Beef is fully traceable from paddock to plate utilising DNA technology provided by Pfizer Animal Genetics. Carcasses are also graded for quality using the MSA grading system to ensure an eating quality outcome delivering highly consistent Angus Pure branded beef that is healthy, flavoursome and tender, the core promise of Angus Pure.

Attributes Of Angus Pure:

·         Angus – the premium breed

·         Free from Hormone Growth Promotant’s (HGP’s)

·         Free from antibiotic treatments

·         Naturally grazed on quality pastures

·         Fully traceable from paddock to plate

·         Graded for quality by MSA

·         Eating Quality Assured for flavour and tenderness

·         Independently verified

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