malone's butchery is passionate about providing ethical, nutritional & quality produce to the community.


Aclara Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Cold pressed Coconut oil has many health benefits from boosting metabolism to soothing digestive issues. Also makes a great preservative free moisturiser and hair treatment. Perfect as a replacement for olive oil in frying & baking as it can take a higher temperature without losing nutritional value.











  Dr Martins Organic Coconut milk for cooking:

A prefect replacement for those who can’t consume dairy in smoothies and baking.




  Dr Martins Organic Coconut Juices 500ml

The natural electrolyte replacer, extremely hydrating and full of nutritional value, not sugar!




Light Pink Himalayan Salt

 Himalayan Pink Salt

Hand mined and cold stone ground from ancient Himalayan sea beds, this salt is unrefined, unbleached, and contains no colouring, additives or iodine. It contains 84 trace elements which help the body to hydrate and absorb minerals rather than act as a toxin like bleached table salt. Use in water to hydrate, bathe in to draw out toxins and perfect in baking or as a natural marinade for meats. Once you try this delicious natural salt you will never turn back to bleached processed table salt!




Yamagishi Happy Eggs

Hens that are fed grass and have access to sunlight produce happy eggs with bright yellow yolks!


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