malone's butchery is passionate about providing ethical, nutritional & quality produce to the community.

We believe in providing grass fed lamb and beef because:

1. It is nutritionally healthier for us to eat

Grass fed free‐range animals contains no hormones, GMO () or antibiotics. The animals naturally mature in the spring when grass is bursting with seeds and fresh new growth. This nutrition is passed on into the meat, which is in turn healthier for us! Studies show that grass fed beef contains 10 times more beta‐carotene, three times more Vitamin E and three‐times more omega‐3 fatty acids than off grain fed beef.

2. It allows humane quality of life for the animal

A cow or lamb eating what it is naturally designed to eat and being allowed to grow at it’s own pace is healthier than animals who eat processed grains & are fed hormones to speed their growth. Feedlots for grains can also spread E Coli which can lead to food born bacteria and illness.

3. It’s creates less environmental pollution.

Processed food such as fertilized gains, and land clearing for feedlot’s impacts on global warming. By rotating the animals through pastures, the land is able to rest and regenerate without the interference of chemicals. Waste management becomes a natural cycle of decomposition that in turn improves the soil so more nutritious
grass can grow!

4. It tastes better!

You are what you eat! A natural grass diet and clean growing environment is crucial in the wonderful taste of our lamb and beef products