malone's butchery is passionate about providing ethical, nutritional & quality produce to the community.

Angus Pure Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Product: Angus Pure Grass fed beef

Region: South Australia


About us

Angus Pure was developed as a response to the recognised consumer demand for a high quality pasture fed Angus beef product produced naturally; pasture fed, free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

The Angus Pure Natural brand represents Angus beef that has been raised naturally in the lush grazing regions of South Australia, from the Barossa to the Limestone Coast and beyond.

Angus Pure Natural Beef is fully traceable from paddock to plate utilising DNA technology provided by Pfizer Animal Genetics. Carcasses are also graded for quality using the MSA grading system to ensure an eating quality outcome delivering highly consistent Angus Pure branded beef that is healthy, flavoursome and tender, the core promise of Angus Pure.

Attributes Of Angus Pure:

·         Angus – the premium breed

·         Free from Hormone Growth Promotant’s (HGP’s)

·         Free from antibiotic treatments

·         Naturally grazed on quality pastures

·         Fully traceable from paddock to plate

·         Graded for quality by MSA

·         Eating Quality Assured for flavour and tenderness

·         Independently verified

Cape Grim Tasmanian Grass Fed & finished Beef

Product: Cape 

Region: Tasmania


About us:

Tasmania is known for its exceptionally clean environment and wilderness heritage area’s. Pollution free winds blow thousands of kilometres across the vast, empty Soutchern Ocean.

Gape Grim on the north west corner of the island hosts a monitering station that reputelfy captures the worlds most pure air. Hence Cape Grim Tasmanian natural beed-exceptional quality beef grown in a natural pristine environment.

Only the best cattle meet our demanding selection criteria. They are graded using the rigerous Meat Standards Australia quality system, and consistently score in the top 4 of 18 grades. As required by Tasmanian law, Cape Grim beef is completely hromone free and gaurenteed to be tender and of the highest eating quality, a true Tasmanian taste sensation.

Product Features

  • Hormone Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • GMO Free
  • British Breed Beef Only
  • Fed on the cleanest natural grasses
  • Carefully selected and MSA graded
  • Matural marbling for juiciness
  • Natural food for healthy minds & bodies.

Bangalow Sweet Pork

Product: Bangalo

Region: Bryon


About us
In 1998 The Sweet Pork Company was founded in the lush Northern Rivers region at the village of Bangalow. Since then, Bangalow Sweet Pork has been the standard for fine pork in Australia. The Sweet Pork Company produces exceptional pork from pigs raised and fed correctly, antibiotic and hormone free, offering your family a succulent, tasty and healthy alternative. Our bodies need fat, for different reasons and at different times in our lives. Fats are essential to the development of young minds and the maintenance of maturing bodies. By growing the “good fats” into our pork, Bangalow Sweet Pork offers your family a flavor and juicy tenderness they will love, while providing you with the nutritional peace of mind you need.

Value is not a trend; acquiring value is a conscious decision, a lifestyle. At The Sweet Pork Company we believe that “great value” is more than just an economic catch phrase. What we eat should not simply fill our bellies but fulfill our being. You deserve the very best. Bangalow Sweet Pork is the highest quality Australian grown pork, produced under exacting standards by caring, experienced growers and carefully presented by the finest butchers Australia has to offer.

 Product Features

  • Antibiotic free
  • Hormone free

Malones Grass Fed & Finished Lamb

Product: Malones 
Fed Lamb

Region: Wrattonbully,


About Us

The south-east region of South Australia where we farm is regarded as the best prime lamb production area in Australia. Consistent rainfall and an abundance of underground water allow us to grass feed lambs all year round.

The Malone family Lamb operation is family owned and operated, no investors, and therefore attention to detail in our production system is of upmost importance, as it is our livelihood at stake. We believe stock health and wellbeing is the most important aspect of any livestock enterprise. Careful pasture management provides our sheep with the right nutrition year-round. We have started the Malone Lamb brand to provide our customers with a consistent high quality product.

Malone Lamb is available exclusively in Queensland through Malone’s Butchery Port Douglas.

Product Features

  • 100% grass fed & fed & finished
  • Hormone and antibiotic free


Inglewood Farm Free Range Organic Chicken

Product: Inglewood Farm Chicken

Region: South Australia



Inglewood Farm Organic Chickens:

  • eat nutritious organic feed grown on our farms
  • are free to forage in the sunshine on supplementary irrigated pastures
  • grow to maturity at nature’s pace
  • receive the best care from our staff, nutritionists and vets

Inglewood Farms guarantee their chickens are:

  • Chemical, Irradiation and bleach free
  • Hormone free
  • Preservative, additive, colouring & flavour free
  • Antibiotic free

Salumi Australia Small Goods

Product: Salumi

Region: Queensland


About Us
Salumi Australia is an Australian owned and operated boutique small goods manufacturing business located in the beautiful Northern Rivers Region of NSW (Byron Bay) in close proximity to local farmers, considered to be producing some of the finest pork in the world. The Salumi range is an artisan product, handmade with no flavorings and unnecessary additives. Our company prides itself on the production of an uncompromisingly high standard of small goods encompassing traditional techniques derived from well know Italian regions such as Emilia Romagna and Tuscany whilst utilizing environmentally friendly state of the art technology and premium quality locally sourced ingredients.

The Salumi Australia range is made using 100% Bangalow Sweet Pork or Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, hormone free and antibiotic free with no artificial flavorings added. The process of maturation, using age-old techniques allowing airflow to circulate each and every product within the drying room is the key to obtaining this unique texture and flavor found in European small goods. With the addition of specific spices, the use of natural casings, choice of a larger animal with a higher fat content and traditional manufacturing methods, Salumi Australia has a supremely flavorsome product.

 Product Features

  • Hormone & antibiotic free
  • No artificial flavors or unnecessary additives


Alpine Game Meats

Products: Game meats

Region: Location Sydney


We currently stock:

  • Duck breast fillets
  • Wild rabbit
  • Crocodile tail fillets


Aclara Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Cold pressed Coconut oil has many health benefits from boosting metabolism to soothing digestive issues. Also makes a great preservative free moisturiser and hair treatment. Perfect as a replacement for olive oil in frying & baking as it can take a higher temperature without losing nutritional value.











  Dr Martins Organic Coconut milk for cooking:

A prefect replacement for those who can’t consume dairy in smoothies and baking.




  Dr Martins Organic Coconut Juices 500ml

The natural electrolyte replacer, extremely hydrating and full of nutritional value, not sugar!




Light Pink Himalayan Salt

 Himalayan Pink Salt

Hand mined and cold stone ground from ancient Himalayan sea beds, this salt is unrefined, unbleached, and contains no colouring, additives or iodine. It contains 84 trace elements which help the body to hydrate and absorb minerals rather than act as a toxin like bleached table salt. Use in water to hydrate, bathe in to draw out toxins and perfect in baking or as a natural marinade for meats. Once you try this delicious natural salt you will never turn back to bleached processed table salt!




Yamagishi Happy Eggs

Hens that are fed grass and have access to sunlight produce happy eggs with bright yellow yolks!