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Bangalow Sweet Pork

Product: Bangalo

Region: Bryon


About us
In 1998 The Sweet Pork Company was founded in the lush Northern Rivers region at the village of Bangalow. Since then, Bangalow Sweet Pork has been the standard for fine pork in Australia. The Sweet Pork Company produces exceptional pork from pigs raised and fed correctly, antibiotic and hormone free, offering your family a succulent, tasty and healthy alternative. Our bodies need fat, for different reasons and at different times in our lives. Fats are essential to the development of young minds and the maintenance of maturing bodies. By growing the “good fats” into our pork, Bangalow Sweet Pork offers your family a flavor and juicy tenderness they will love, while providing you with the nutritional peace of mind you need.

Value is not a trend; acquiring value is a conscious decision, a lifestyle. At The Sweet Pork Company we believe that “great value” is more than just an economic catch phrase. What we eat should not simply fill our bellies but fulfill our being. You deserve the very best. Bangalow Sweet Pork is the highest quality Australian grown pork, produced under exacting standards by caring, experienced growers and carefully presented by the finest butchers Australia has to offer.

 Product Features

  • Antibiotic free
  • Hormone free
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